Welcome to Elite Total Wellness!


    What does Total Wellness mean for you, when you join our community?

     It means that everyone associated with our company recognizes that the human body is a complex, integrated system.  Everything works together like a finely-tuned sports car, and if even one small section is off-kilter, it affects the rest. 

     We are committed to your health and well-being, whether you are a family or an individual. We're glad you found our website, and look forward to seeing you at our office in Acworth. Please call or stop by to find out how we can help you achieve your wellness goals.


About Our Team

Dr. Kristina Backenstose, DC


Becoming a Chiropractor fulfilled a dream Kristina had since she was 16 years old, when she first accompanied her father to his Chiropractor's office. After that visit, she spent part of her summer break shadowing the Chiropractor. This educational, eye-opening experience cemented her decision to make Chiropractic Care her life work.

To that end, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

While at Drexel University, Kristina played Division 1 field hockey. During the post-season of her junior year, she suffered a serious low back injury while playing and was told she might never play again.  She immediately began Chiropractic treatment and against all odds returned for a triumphant season her senior year.

Kristina has previously practiced as an associate in Canton, Midtown Atlanta, and Acworth. Now, she is putting her experience and knowledge to work for you at Elite Total Wellness, treating and educating families about the amazing benefits of a Chiropractic lifestyle. She specializes in sports-related Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Counseling, and Rehab/Physical Therapy.


Faith McMurtrey

At Elite Total Wellness we offer a different perspective on Life and Wellness Coaching, Faith McMurtrey is the person to take you on the journey of finding what your true potential is.  What do you expect to find in a coach, what is coaching and why would I need it? These are the main questions people ask and that’s what we plan on answering for you.  

Here at Elite Total Wellness Faith looks at the big picture.  People think well why do I need a coach or how’s that going to help with what’s going on in my life. A coach is not like a boss, they don’t say this is what you have to do and this is how you are going to do it or your fired.  What Faith does is help people, families, employees, companies, dreamers or anyone who feels stuck! Whether it be weight loss, nutrition, exercise, career, family, kids, bosses, other employees, new jobs, own your own business, etc. She is not a counselor where you come and talk about all your problems, coaching is where you overcome obstacles to get to the big picture.  The biggest difference is you have to be ready for a Coach, if you are not ready then coaching is not an option for you.

Faith has the ability to guide you using your strengths and weaknesses, just like a boss or coach will push you to succeed, she will hone in on your skills and ambitions to get you through your hurdles or obstacles.  

Faith has experience around the board and loves helping people succeed, she has a very unique background which helps her relate to any situation.  Faith is adopted, has traveled around the world, lived and worked in Shanghai, China for over a year, has military family, participated in sports, was a cheerleader, owns two businesses started from scratch and participated in endless activities while growing up.

She has worked and trained with the top coaches in the United States, she has coached top companies like Coke worked with their employees and conquered goals after no progress has been made in years and quotas have not been met.  She has coached endless weight loss clients, helped people start a new career, done countless nutrition seminars for children to educate them on proper nutrition before it becomes a problem.  This is where her main passion lies in Nutrition and wellness, which is where the name Elite Total Wellness came from.  She wants to educate as many people as possible on preventive techniques instead of treating just the problems.  No matter what is going on in your life, if you do not take care of yourself from the inside out then success is very hard to achieve.  Faith has the ability to help you with that change, the question now is are you ready?

Faith resides in Stockbridge, GA with her husband Trent and they have two handsome boys and 3 dogs.  She loves working out, traveling, spending time with her family and coaching.


Dr. Baley Bernthisel, DC


Throughout her undergraduate career, Dr. Baley knew she wanted to find a career to help improve wellness in others. She attended Ashland University, in Ohio, majoring in biology. It wasn’t until after graduation that she discovered the health benefits that chiropractic has to offer, after her mom began working for a chiropractor.

 Once she began exploring the chiropractic field, there was no turning back and she fell in love with the multiple benefits that come from chiropractic adjustments. She quickly applied and was accepted to Life University where she received her doctorate of chiropractic.

 Dr. Baley has always been a part of an active lifestyle, playing volleyball in college and still currently involved with the sport locally. She has endured her fair share of injuries and now having experienced healing both with and without chiropractic she has been able to remain competitive in the sport today by maintaining her health through chiropractic.